President Obama’s Flagged Move on Gun Control

As everyone knows, timing is everything in politics and in the case of Hillary Clinton’s earlier ill-fated position on gun control, a brilliant President Obama has come to the rescue!

In order to continue with the legacy of President Obama’s successful push on very important social issues, our next President must be Hillary Clinton and her extreme interpretation of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has clearly placed her in serious jeopardy apart from her own constituency.
Suffice it to say that once again, many are mindlessly falling behind President Obama’s rhetoric and suspicious timing on gun control. This is especially true following a recent and very public review of Hillary’s extreme position on gun safety that relates to a litigious strategy of destroying the business of gun manufacturing within the United States. Those that know Hillary, know that she has a law background just as President Obama does. As any lawyer knows, the best way to truly defeat the issue of gun ownership would not be to directly redefine current laws regarding protections but to repeatedly raise the issue of gun “safety” before a fearful brain-dead constituency. Beyond this, needless resolution flags a majority…

If need be, politicians can always try the standard mental image of tears and helpless children riddled with bullet holes. This is called an emotional tweak that is often matched with responding emotions overriding critical thought. Worse, it has recently become an effective tool for the manufacturing of consent regarding constitutional misrepresentation.

Like it or not, the right to gun ownership defines the essence of a highly profitable nostalgic culture of freedom and independence distinguishing our country apart from all others. When thinking of this, it is no wonder that organizations like the NRA are so very influential. Should a general election occur today, Hillary’s extreme position on gun control could unnecessarily risk her chance for the Presidency against a Trump card. This is exactly why President Obama has recently (see timing) come to her rescue with a litigiously toothless and highly publicized endeavor to calm the nerves of on-the-fence pro-gun voters. It should be noted that these along with other undecided voters are expected to claim the national election in 2016.

Again, what President Obama is doing right now regarding the issue of gun safety, violence, and control was brilliantly designed to deflect concern over Hillary Clinton’s radical position on effectively shutting down the highly profitable gun manufacturing machine here in the west. When the President’s so-called reserve to control the issuance of guns fail certain legal challenges, concerns amongst target voters will be effectively relieved regarding Hillary’s previously known position. It is no coincidence that Hillary’s positions on gun control are strikingly similar to that of President Obama. As we have seen within a very recent public address, the one important difference will be the way in which President Obama used the idea of “gun safety” as opposed to Hillary’s intent to allow gun manufacturers to be sued out of existence over safety. Guns are never going to be safe and as such, this oxymoronic position would effectively circumvent constitutional protections. You might say that as a lawyer, Hillary would justify this method as a means to an end.

As history will show, guns are most safe when ownership is granted toward a highly informed public.
Should the public right to bear arms ever be denied according to the utopian liberal politicians of today, then should it not be especially denied of law enforcement, security, hunters, and military?
Sounds preposterous, right?

As history will show, guns are least safe when ownership is systematically excluded from a highly misinformed public.

What do I think about guns? I hate them and would love to live in a utopian world of empathetic women while attending a lifetime of college under a giant glass dome within the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately, the reality that the best of us must endure requires a cause for peace.

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