Predictions for 2017 and Beyond Update (Number 4)


The following was presented for the public as is the tradition for 1/11 of each year:

As predicted, the beginning of a powerful and lasting feminist wave opposing patriarchal psychosexual control has begun. Should the right for women become the issue, political outcomes for the year 2020 will prevent a second stay.

Any attempt to overturn protections under the fourteenth amendment as per the right for a woman to choose an abortion will in turn energize an unforeseen opposition. This has the potential to affect the outcome of elections in 2020.

The recent choice of Neil Gorsuch for a lifelong position upon the United States Supreme Court was wisely chosen to satisfy a base constituency while pausing a concerned opposition prior to the midterm elections in 2017. In light of a known position with regard to the Second Amendment, the question of Gorsuch’s position on abortion is perhaps something that many on both sides are taking for granted.

Below is a link to the beginning of the movement as predicted

Women united in opposition to what? The answer is not so simple unless we consider that patriarchal religious institutions have had a long history of hijacking the sexual will of women. Politicians on the other hand will often take advantage of this situation.

Strange Remnants from the 1/11/17 Prediction List


There is usually a very good reason that some of my predictions are left out of the primary list. These predictions such as we see below are murky and yet at times they work wonderfully when spoken in reverse. In the case of 72 I recall feeling an overwhelming emptiness that one might experience beyond the sinking dread of attainment. In spite of this, I have always felt that both 61 and 72 are related.

  1. Competitive religious prophecies herald each the return of a savior beyond conflict.

for example, something between the Sunni and Christian Armageddonists

  1. A citizen at the height of power, fame, and wealth moves latterly to fill his heart with yet more emptiness. The opportunity nears from the ancient and forbidden cradle.

When viewing this, Iraq and the influence of Iran is revealed as [X] occurs to me. The danger of assurances? Russia.

Emptiness represents the essence of our truth. To fill one’s heart with this answers for desire and the destiny of dust. The deeds of such are known throughout history.