Impeachment Now a Badge of Honor

Clown Nancy and her impeachment concomitants A. Pencil-Neck Schiff and No-Lips Naddles 1-15-20

Thanks to the ultimate political clown Nancy Pelosi along with Schiff-Head and his pet stink-bug human hybrid “no-lips” Nadler, the impeachment of the President of the United States has been redefined as a political tool. Hell, with enough votes, this charade will likely be carried out with precedent stifling any future executive branch. This will be especially true following a typical mid-term election in which the opposing political isle is elected as a majority into congress. As it now seems, the impeachment process is based in part upon the same lie that has become the Nobel Peace Prize. Likewise, no one respects the recipients of that prize nor can an honest person today respect the idea of impeachment.

Ideally, impeachment now stands as a badge of honor for those intent on rushing the polls in November to oust the liars on the left for good.

I feel sorry for Nancy and if she has anything left in that desiccated brain of hers, she might know that her work has effectively destroyed the Democratic Party in the eyes of those that can imagine the smell of shit when they see it.

*Schiff the “bug-out” liberal stress toy.

One can only hope that it has been neutered…

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