My Most Disturbing Prediction Hit for 2020

  1. The incumbent will be elected as President of the United States in 2020

Remote Viewing data from 2019 is shown above. Although I am often wrong regarding predictions without viewing, I am more often correct when it comes to hours of work as per viewing. I strongly believe that this data is correct and I will not back down from this.

As you are reading this now, the national election of the United States for President in 2020 has been handed away from the Republican Party through the careful nuances of fraud, open intimidation, and an ongoing pattern of blatant corruption within cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, and other left leaning weak-holds of institutional dishonesty.

This being said, I suspect that many Americans did in fact vote against their own best interest and they did so because of an overwhelming hatred of President Trump rather than for the love of Biden. Now think of what hatred has historically produced and what this really means in terms of a future for our children. From this perspective, you might also say that hatred itself has won against love in this questionable election.

Without love as a guiding force behind a society of freedom, that society crumbles as an institution.

President Trump must never concede to proven fraud. He must fight on without apology and take this to the Supreme Court if possible for true justice. Failing this, our trust in the electoral process as a whole will be irretrievably lost. Should an empty shell of a being such as a Joe Biden be shamefully installed as President, our country as a whole will slowly sink within the same recalcitrance of the lie that was a President Obama. Worse, there will not be a return from its downward spiral in the face of increasing social stress due to world human overpopulation, increasing industrial demand, and a failing world biological life support system.

Believe it or not, the irony of a President Trump was not lost upon those of us that simply wished for a moment along this time-line of increased comfort, peace, and wealth prior to the inevitable great war over dwindling resources, world economic troubles, and the coming manufactured crisis. Under the lie of a President Joe Biden, the aforementioned failure of our great nation will in fact hasten the institutional collapse of other nations as well.

 As for the prediction, I stand behind my excellent data as very exciting and surprisingly true given the current circumstances. 

 “We have put together [I think] the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American Politics.”

-Joe Biden

*Yes, Joe the simpleton is definitely incapable of masterminding this but as we know, there are more than a few ideological enemies of the United States capable of doing such a thing. Shamefully, it now looks as if they did it successfully right before the eyes of an unsuspecting dullard mass of muttering mooks.

Are we in danger of becoming a nation of cowards?

Now, consider the following:

Under a Biden charade of farcical moralizing liberal manifestations, we are all in danger of seeing a fourth feminist wave not of its former noble ambitions for equality but for the abject hatred of white men and revenge. Likewise, we shall see Martin Luther King’s dream openly perverted to that of reparations, mindless racism, hypocrisy, and revenge. Add to this the coming economic problems of our nation under the crushing blow of an unimaginable debt and one can see why there is a great concern. Once again, just as the dollar bill importantly requires “trust” and a generalized system of belief in value or worth, an electoral system that likewise fails the test of faith will require more than a few propagandist miracles to save itself from the onslaught of an extremely large number of disheartened voters.

Author: Hansonrv