2019 Prediction line 9 virus remote viewing data

Each year I attempt to remote view probable events as per a future spike. Sometimes I miss the spike and obtain something irrelevant or worse. There can be no doubt that within the early years of experimentation I have missed the mark entirely although with patience, perseverance, and persistence an over-all improvement through time is noted. In the case of today’s coronavirus outbreak (2020), we see that the data is entirely relevant with respect to what is likely from an animal. The novel virus was discovered in 2019 months following completion of my data.

9. A new virus strain? Many will be affected.

Unlike that of a novice viewer, my analytical overlay (AOL) is often the product of outflow that is rapid and extremely detailed. As such, listings often represent a summation that is not so easily managed. In the case of 218C10, the idea of MERS-CoV studied in a laboratory might have been worth exploring.

Importantly, some aspects of this work revealed ventilators, death, and human suffering.

Was the bat a representation or the source of a virus?

Representations like this are common in my work although I am beginning to suspect that the virus jumped species from an actual bat. There is also the possibility of a direct infection although improbable.



February 2020 Update on Corona Virus and the United States

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), initially called the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), is a new type of coronavirus. It causes respiratory illness in people. It was first identified in Wuhan, China.

Now that an earlier remote viewed prediction was clearly identified as per “2019”, it should be important to observe the following prediction lines in reference to China:

4. Human biological editing will be considered as per a future soldier/ citizen for the purpose of survival beyond exposure to weaponized biological agents capable of re-entry from retrofitted vehicles. 

9. A new viral strain? Many will be affected.

Observing the 2019 data, we see that lines 4 and 9 are related to China and the [X] reference. For the present time, any and all forms of accidental exposure from Wuhan’s Biosafety National Laboratory lacks definitive proof. However, it would be extremely irresponsible of any media source to openly dismiss the possibility.

Isolated, pressurized, and filtered biological protection laboratories are extremely difficult to maintain. Over time, variables that favor accidental exposure add up in spite of any degree of human related intelligence, safety planning, mitigation, and experience. Officials that dismiss the possibility of an accident regarding any biological program be it here in the United States, Russia, or China are either naïve or willfully negligent in their duty to honor the trust, safety, and well-being of a necessarily less than informed public. Needless to say, this is a very serious issue that requires a careful lack of judgement toward the people of China.

What am I suggesting?

I believe that COVID-19 was not the product of engineering and that human exposure to the virus could be the result of an accident. Until an accident is ruled out, the fact remains that it is more likely that the virus crossed species naturally outside of the laboratory as was the case for two other coronaviruses SARS and MERS in recent history.

Immediate Concerns (1159/2998 A,15/2/20)

  1. Rates of infection within the United States will now increase.
  2. rates of mortality due to complications of the virus will remain relatively low for those with exceptional immune, gastrointestinal, and pulmonary health.
  3. The virus is highly contagious and as such, some will be infected in spite of the civilian use of N95 masks and lower levels of protection typically seen of health care staff during admissions, etc.

Preparedness as Opposed to Prevention

Realistically, prevention beyond that of complete isolation will not be likely and so, what measures have I taken as a remote viewer looking at the future of this disease back in 2018?

First, here is what I would NOT recommend:

  1. Never isolate yourself away from an organized lawful society during any perceived public crisis. For example, over-prepping with food storage, buying unincorporated land, or building underground bunkers will be far less effective than maintaining social interactions between like-minded people.   
  2. Once reasonably confirmed, do not deny that you are infected. The more you learn about the disease, the more you will understand why it is important to seek professional medical help and maintain a quarantine if needed.  
  3. Never trust unproven on-line herbal “remedies” or self-medicate with antibiotics. There is currently no treatment for viral pneumonia beyond that of supportive care. If you suspect infection, see a qualified nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, osteopath, or other physician and get the chemistry, advice, and care you need.

Lastly, here is what I am doing now and have done in preparation only:

  1. Probiotic and Prebiotic Gastrointestinal Health is maintained with fresh fruits, bulk, and vegetables along with supplementation with a wide range of beneficial bacteria.
  2. I maintain a positive outlook through a mixture of long-distance tour cycling, running miles in the glorious sun, hiking, camping, resistance training, and stretching through yoga. For me yoga is most helpful for maintenance rather than meditation.  
  3. The Wim Hoff Method is practiced although I have no illusions about what some have recklessly claimed of autonomic functions, immunity, and other wildly positive responses to disease.  https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

“Things are never as bad or as good as they seem.”

-Walter Cronkite

Impeachment Now a Badge of Honor

Clown Nancy and her impeachment concomitants A. Pencil-Neck Schiff and No-Lips Naddles 1-15-20

Thanks to the ultimate political clown Nancy Pelosi along with Schiff-Head and his pet stink-bug human hybrid “no-lips” Nadler, the impeachment of the President of the United States has been redefined as a political tool. Hell, with enough votes, this charade will likely be carried out with precedent stifling any future executive branch. This will be especially true following a typical mid-term election in which the opposing political isle is elected as a majority into congress. As it now seems, the impeachment process is based in part upon the same lie that has become the Nobel Peace Prize. Likewise, no one respects the recipients of that prize nor can an honest person today respect the idea of impeachment.

Ideally, impeachment now stands as a badge of honor for those intent on rushing the polls in November to oust the liars on the left for good.

I feel sorry for Nancy and if she has anything left in that desiccated brain of hers, she might know that her work has effectively destroyed the Democratic Party in the eyes of those that can imagine the smell of shit when they see it.

*Schiff the “bug-out” liberal stress toy.

One can only hope that it has been neutered…

Predictions 1-11 for 2020

Predictions 1-11 for 2020

1. The incumbent will secure his position as President of the United States of America (see viewing clip).

2. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg will not withstand the Donald Trump Presidency.

The change will occur in February (2021?) suggesting a new month of discussion. Might this change refer to Justice Ginsburg’s health? I think that it does and a point of no return appears to begin “two months in…”. A devout highly intelligent woman will be thrown into the fray of a manufactured controversy while being considered for the appointment.

3. (U.S.) The question of Abortion will be further addressed as a state by state matter with the expected support in opposition. Clever means aside, restrictions will infuriate the left as moderates present a 2024 candidate in their favor for President. This can be easily compared to today’s pro 2nd and 1st amendment candidate in which a silent majority will not waiver. Likewise, those that support a woman’s right to reproduction choices will not waiver in 2024.  As our world becomes increasingly complicated with new sources of information, single issue voters will become increasingly important to politicians.

4. The 12th Imam of the Shiite system of belief may enter no more than a minor phase of occultation regardless of prayers and the impassioned expectation. Hidden even unto oneself, the idea of Iran’s “Mahdi” now begets sorrow, widespread despair, and ruin. The yellow flag emerges soiled and blackened by the secret war.

5.  Iran and [X].

The leadership of Iran must not provoke an attack by the United States. Should this happen, there will likely be heavy ordinance strikes upon structures that are associated with uranium storage, research, and refinement.

Note: for those that know, the witnessed viewing data of [X] is in reference to line 7 of predictions for 2019. That line reads the following:

Iran and [X]. New threat of war?

6. New threat of war with Iran?

The answer to this question in 2020 will most likely be no. To clarify, President Trump will not seek a conventional war with Iran. His unconventional strategy(s) will include peace through overwhelming strength and as such, Iran’s current leadership will then face a growing lack of support from its people. Iran’s internal pressures will further assist the Trump Administration’s foreign policy regarding international cooperation and in planning. Should a measured exit occur, it will occur according to the opportunity.

7. Korea will find a limited peace. The armistice in part resolved, both North and South will remain divided until a plan for dismantling the Demilitarized Zone is presented. Total unification will not be realized in the life-time of either leader.

8. China and the United States agree to resume economic ties for the unexpected reason [X]. Problems will continue as ideological differences reveal hypocrisy on both sides. China is not a capitalist friendly state but rather, it uses capitalism as a means to an end.

9. Extreme weather conditions continue as forests burn around the world. In any season, hurricanes can form without consequence but at least one of horrific proportions will strike the United States inflicting damage.

10. Virginia’s sadly ironic moto “sic semper tyrannis” will be trampled as the state’s majority of 2nd Amendment supporters withstand the abuse of a legislature vis-a vis a cowardly, gullible, and wildly uninformed electorate. In response, the most serious of laws regarding gun ownership and presentation in that state are to be openly disregarded by those establishing “sanctuary counties”. This is a significant response that will continue to expand throughout other states such as Kentucky, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc.

11.  A woman will most likely be elected President of the United States in 2024. Her presence is now clearly seen within the political spectrum. Who is she? The answer to this is that are two candidates with opposing points of view. From my perspective this would for now match closely with the former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley (Nimrata Randhawa) as opposed to U.S. National Guard Army Major Tulsi Gabbard. Nikki Haley was born into a Sikh family whereas Tulsi Gabbard is Hindu. This difference in religious backgrounds provides a more interesting view into each candidate.

Choice and Influence

There are many factors that will influence our decision as per who will win the national election in 2020 and especially in 2024. Some of these factors might include global warming, extreme weather patterns, human rights, polarizing demographics, population density coupled with dwindling resources, health care costs for an aging population of obese sedentary boomers, unimaginable national debt, and the following:

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other Cannabinoids

The effect upon individual voters in terms of ideology has yet to be explored as state by state decriminalization continues. However, I know that nearly all of my students while under the influence of THC perform poorly regarding their own inherent psychic abilities. Worse, a sense of time will be clearly distorted and any developing synesthetic skill will become restrained, muddled, or at best distorted. This is why I will not train an individual that has recently been under the influence of marijuana for at least one year and some cases, never at all.

Anxiety and the Political Implications of Marijuana Abuse

Although unproven, I have a very good reason to suspect that for viewers and other persons abusing Marijuana (i.e., long term habitual use), there remains a detrimental loss of inhibition regarding basic drives, sociological needs, and programmed desires lending toward a less than an objective view of oneself.

Inhibiting filters that normally protect the brain from nightmares and the processing of disturbing information will become distorted and in some cases regarding individual sensitivity, severe states of anxiety will result. Overall, with its abuse there can remain a prolonged sense of unease or lingering anxiety thereby influencing political choices outside of a more balanced or complete sense of awareness. Such persons of abuse will more often favor the centralization and enhancement of an authoritative government that invariably promises a false sense of safety through restriction.

Ben A. Way:  I fear that unless we leverage our responsibility for the greater good, our actions may not be as rewarding.

Government: Would you like a strong comforting tea for that reason?

Throughout human history we know that it is the ubiquitous coward that abets the very worst of tyrants before reason. Today we see that same contemptuous mob driven coward threatening institutions that stand in support of the United States Constitution.

For example, there is a growing disregard amongst youth for the 2nd Amendment that would imperfectly safeguard against tyranny. This is clearly the result of leftist indoctrination targeting the developing brain that we know can be influenced according to the political convenience of fear and anxiety.

Shamefully, the First Amendment is also under attack by those that often espouse the extreme dangers of “hate speech” as potentially responsible for physical violence.

The Utility of Fear and Free Speech

Again, we see the coward in all cases respond blindly and favorably to the silencing of any opposition to tyranny. Remember that Hitler was not the only tyrant in human history to have silenced an unsuspecting heard of bleating sheeple in the name of cowardice (public safety). Both Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong did the same before millions were to perish under their watch. Mao also employed the strategy of seducing a very large number of people in the wake of those suffering a drug induced psychosis from opium withdrawals. This required a cult army incapable of empathy under the leadership of Mao and his terrifying campaign of immediate abstinence. You might say that Mao’s brilliantly executed war on opium was successful but at what cost?

Mao was an enigmatic opportunist that knew without question the importance of focus and movement during a time of great fear and anxiety. His wondrous demeanor and soft-spoken reassurance naturally drew in those that were promised redemption in the wake of a cultural revolution. The appeal concerned in part a promise to reform those that were tolerant of decadence, inequality, corruption, and the bondage of substance abuse. On the other hand, death was the sentence for many who were deemed directly responsible such as opium dealers. Those that openly spoke against the revolution were also deemed responsible. In this case, some were interned as they are today for reform whereas those of influence were effectively silenced for the greater good.

I digress.

The Lie of Safety

In nature there is no such thing as safety and when a government of any course opposes the paradox of freedom, it invariably fails to fulfill what is remaining of an evolutionary human process.

*Concerning Joseph Stalin, please see the timeline of gun control as it relates to the socialist revolution of Russia (1917).

*** The two-edged sword of freedom and the addition of “tea” before reason or treason.

***A time-line for line 7 will likely occur between 2020 and 2024.


Nuclear Power in Saudi Arabia

Unless you missed it in the news for 2019 , a number of third generation nuclear fission plants are to be built in Saudi Arabia. When I say that they are to be built, I mean that this technology will arrive be it from the United States or odd else from other countries such as Russia, Korea, or China.

Note that Saudi Arabia has every right to have its future secured with the efficient carbon free production of electricity using the steam heat generated from a reaction vessel utilizing the isotope U-235. Furthermore, it would be especially wise and within the best national security interest of the United States to provide proprietary information regarding the safe and successful construction of the modern reactor. To our benefit, this might also require continuing technical support, fuel delivery, and other field service operations that will likely involve the best and brightest of seasoned engineers from the United States.  

The Saudi Royalty has access to the very best of experts from around the world and they are especially aware of solar and wind sources of electrical generation as inappropriate technologies. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is not just one thing nor is it divided by any degree of radical ideology. Saudi Arabia is a very complex kingdom with an important developing interest in the United States. This is especially true when considering that we are now producing and exporting oil from some of the largest reserves.

The future of energy is not just related to the necessity of oil, but it requires the efficiency of nuclear fission. The irony of this must be realized by the astute Saudi Prince looking toward the future for his people upon a warming planet.

*See also U-235 as per U-238 (core reactor neutron capture) and Plutonium-239 that will also fission.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Do you really think that China can’t export its technology to Saudi Arabia instead of the United States?

Think again.

China’s government is today largely influenced by engineers and as such, it sees the importance of nuclear fission as a means of influencing other nations just as we should. China has also met a recent milestone regarding nuclear fusion! Should China be the first to control this reaction, it will for this reason become the most influential of nations.

Spartacus Blank-eyed Booker

This poor fellow is nothing more than a wildly unanchored self-aggrandizing fool. As such, he epitomizes the lie that has become the democrapulus platform of emotionally driven naiveté. As a gladiator vegan robot with dink-fuddled eyes, I would not recommend staring back for too long into his brain sucking gaze.

Beta-Man Pop Goes the Weasel O’Rourke

This self-emasculated white privileged candidate will now be cranked by “the hand” as a liability. Can you imagine this ambiguous dolt twerking his unruly arms before the Joint Chiefs of Staff? For the sake of humor, this might be worth a vote from those lacking wisdom (see also the demo-crapulous push for lowering the voting age to 16).

Predictions 1-11 for 2019 and Beyond

  1. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg will not withstand the Donald Trump Presidency.  
  2. A third-wave feminist movement will become highly organized in order to secure political gains in 2020.
  3. Competition in the race for the containment and efficiency of nuclear fusion will increase dramatically. Should China achieve success, it will then own and export a subsidized technology that will present the greatest promise with respect to the fear of global warming.
  4. Human biological editing will be considered as per a future soldier/ citizen for the purpose of survival beyond exposure to weaponized biological agents capable of re-entry from retrofitted vehicles. 
  5. A planned terrorist attack upon US soil.
  6. European and South American economic issues worsen.
  7. Iran and [X]. New threat of war?
  8. Floods, heat, fires, and drought continue while extreme tornadoes and hurricanes present further evidence of global warming.
  9. A new viral strain? Many will be affected.
  10.  An infrastructure problem (earthquake?).
  11. A woman will appear within the political landscape. This woman will one day become President of the United States (non-historical viewing results). I see her face and outline in the data and it is clear who she is.

Tick Borne Disease Political Trends Chart Comparison (2018)


Note the comparison of a recent spread of tick-borne diseases (left) and blue highlighted states (right) for which emotionally driven political decisions are successfully fostered by opportunistic politicians. This side by side comparison merely suggests that infectious diseases such as Lyme and other diseases do in fact alter mentation to the extent that rational decisions are often disregarded for the immediacy of emotionally based decisions. Changing trends favoring a Democratic political outcome coincide with infection rates of tick blood borne illness.


More specifically, if the above assertion regarding rates of infection is true, the electoral map will also change in accordance with past trends. There is no such thing as a coincidence and when viewing trends along a recent time-line, we see two major factors that favor the immediacy and irrationality of choice. The first is related to human population density and limiting resources which directly contributes to the rate of infection as per the reproductive cycle of pathogens. The second concerns the alteration of human patterns of behavior being the result of significant exposure.

As an example, we see that human centralized food gathering behavior is in fact influenced by yeast infections that imbalance digestive flora.

What does this mean?

Within any major Edward Bernays want-based economically driven centralized grocery source, a majority of foods are found that support the metabolism of yeast rather than beneficial organisms. This in turn throws off the balance of digestive flora triggering cravings in support of the immediacy, demand, and irrationality of simple carbohydrate food gathering choices. This suggests that marginal pathogens such as those responsible for long term health problems can and often do influence human behavior optimizing transmission between hosts.  Lyme’s disease is caused by a bacterial infection known as Borrelia burgdorferi. This double membrane bacteria (spirochaetaceae) is also known to alter human behavior to the extent that an optimal condition occurs between hosts for which the organism can continue to adapt, compete, and survive. This is a very common microbiological theme throughout nature and now we need to observe a possible link between pathogens, human population density, and aberrant human political behavior.


For those that might suggest that California does not fall into the democratic political trend as suggested might also want to look at the tick born illness chart above as reference.  The difference here concerns ticks and other disease vectors that have adapted to the other side of the Rocky Mountains. These rates of infections also coincide with irrationally based political trends.


Yes, I am making a comparison between alarming regional rates of infectious diseases that are known to cause neurological changes to that of irrational emotionally driven political trends favoring the Democratic Party.


Aaron C Hansen