Blonde, 5’4” tall, approximately 110 lbs.

Was seen by an eye-witness walking along Highway 281 toward Somerset, PA. at approximately 1145 AM on October 29, 2023. She was wearing black pants, a gray nylon shirt with a zipper pocket in the back, and a dark jacket.

Another source has reported seeing Heather within the city of Somerset.  

Anyone with information regarding the well-being, safety, and possible location of Heather Holly Hansen please call, leave a message, or text any time at 814-893-2728.

A young woman with a history of challenges has turned out missing in our community and as such, those of us with a soul should not give up looking for her until it is confirmed that she is safe. So far nothing that I have encountered has led me to believe she is safe.

Heather, you should know, looks normal but is presently suffering from a form of schizophrenia in which she hears voices and is highly delusional. On occasion, these voices have instructed her to walk off to live in abandoned homes, trailer parks, and other areas under bridges, etc. Recently, Heather had walked miles away from her home accepting a ride to Pittsburgh following a severe delusional state in which a she claimed that she was going to be famous. I then found her somewhat coherent in the cold dangerous streets of Pittsburgh crying.

In the past, I have always been able to find her and bring her home to safety. Now she has been missing for a record amount of time without the usual contact and I fear that she might be lost. 

Unfortunately, I have never been able to convince anyone with authority to involuntarily commit Heather as she has repeatedly refused any degree of psychiatric treatment. This presents a special problem for heather within a world unforgiving of those with mental challenges in need of periodic help. Heather is okay most of the time and this too is a problem. Developmentally, Heather is very much like an innocent child trapped within an adult body. This makes her especially vulnerable to those that might take advantage of her through manipulation and/ or exploitation.

So then, why must a remote viewer such as myself have so much trouble seeing this?

Perhaps the most frustrating situation for any viewer involves being overwhelmed by the subject, target, or [X].

As a friend, I have looked after Heather for years without treading too close into her personal life. As a viewer, I have anticipated and protected her from more than a few extremely dangerous situations. I have recently brought her close to complete independence with a new job, an affordable location, and trustworthy people that would help look after her well-being.

This has all unraveled recently due to an incident sending her deep into a delusional state of mind for which hallucinations are rarely distinguished apart from the reality that we all share.

Unfortunately, I am unable to separate how I feel from the viewing target site due to the concerns for a friend that is now missing. This was somewhat possible in the past and now I am appealing to any and all viewers with a significant level of natural abilities required to find a missing person. Should you do this, I will let the world know of your skill. Any degree of viewing along with analysis would be appreciated. Simply set the printed or cell photo image of Heather that you have above into an envelope and set your cue with today’s date and time as reference. You can seal the envelope and provide this as a blind target to another viewer as well. A suggested cue might be: “Heather Hansen/ Present Location/ Open Search.” Should this data reveal anything corroborative, I will look myself at a possible site with pictures as it compares to my peripheral data.

Please cell photo or scan the data and send to:

Algmor3yx@live.com or FindHeatherHansen@gmail.com

You can also call and leave a message concerning your analysis. Anything would be appreciated.

Again, the number to call any time day or night is: 814-893-2728  

Time is of the essence.

Author: Hansonrv