Predictions 1-11 for 2020 line 2

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died: September 18, 2020 Washington, D.C. United States

2. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg will not withstand the Donald Trump Presidency.

The change will occur in February (2021?) suggesting a new month of discussion. Might this change refer to Justice Ginsburg’s health? I think that it does and a point of no return appears to begin “two months in…”. A devout highly intelligent woman will be thrown into the fray of a manufactured controversy while being considered for the appointment.

2020 September Note update

When looking at this rather complex issue for a time-line first back in 2018 and again in 2019, I found that something would begin “two months in” or as I then suspected, the disease that would eventuate in Justice Ginsburg’s death might begin to occur toward a point of no return perhaps in January of 2020. To be perfectly honest, I am in complete awe as to the will and strength of this great woman as she continued to work through a most painful and debilitating illness.

I may also be slightly off concerning the analysis and that a two-month period of time might also refer directly to the fight for a new confirmation or “change” ahead. When first remote viewing this back in 2019, I also found a prolonged challenge or politically charged fight that appears to delay confirmation presented as a “new month of discussion”. It should be noted that these kind of outcomes are difficult to understand without an increased level of context. That being said, I think that the analysis is mostly correct.

  1. Ruth Ginsburg did in fact fail to withstand a Trump Presidency.
  2. A woman would be chosen to replace Ruth Ginsburg.

It is interesting to note that as it is written, a devout and highly intelligent woman will be nominated by President Trump and that she will definitely be thrown into a manufactured controversy.

Author: Hansonrv