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The Dow Soars!

By A.C.H. A Predictable Miss for Psychic Functioning  Why? It is important to know that predictions regarding dynamic human activities that rely so heavily upon…

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American Peter Kassig Next for Execution by I.S.I.S.?

  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/10/04/peter-kassig-former-army-ranger-held-by-isis-went-to-lebanon-to-help-syrian/   As one of the very best remote viewers in the world today with the confirmed ability to locate a missing person, I…

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Reporter Jim Foley’s Rescue Attempt

By A.C.H. Now that many have recently read the inappropriate news of an unsuccessful attempt by military forces to rescue a captured reporter within Syria,…

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Huldufolk of Iceland Remote Viewed

“Icelandic Huldufolk, Open Search” 2194/8633 Overview of Remote Viewing Results Respectfully, the hallucinogenic experiences of many Icelandic persons living near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge [C] are…

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Prediction 9 update for 2014

Israeli strikes upon Gaza 2014 Prediction 9 in reference to this link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/aaron-c-donahue/predictions-for-2014-and-beyond/10152128304087422 With prediction 9 we see the words: “There remains the danger of…

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