The Dow Soars!

By A.C.H.

A Predictable Miss for Psychic Functioning  Why?

It is important to know that predictions regarding dynamic human activities that rely so heavily upon impulsive and largely irrational decisions should be paired with mathematical models, relevant strategy (risk management), and expert advice. Given this pairing, one should never trust what a psychic has to offer alone for advice.
Although I have been fortunate beating the odds over time, my work is far from perfect and it is for this reason that I will not give advice for investment nor should anyone take so much as the slightest hint of advice from lesser viewers.

Never trust “remote viewers” with questionable training backgrounds, unproven psychics, clairvoyants, or odd else that is kook for investment advice. When encountering a price for services, one should expect this to be the indication of blatant dishonesty.

To put this into an honest perspective, it may not yet be possible to utilize remote viewing alone to consistently beat the odds for success without understanding market strategy. This is a very complex area of expertise that requires advice and years of careful examination. Pairing this as I do presents the opportunity for investment thereby minimizing some risk but never all. Money as we all know is only real to those that do not have it. What is perceived as a value could be lost at any moment and for any reason. This is also why property, gold, silver, and other tangible assets are important. Although further along the line of risk, this too could be lost. Then in a few short human years, we can all expect to die amidst the vanity and excess by which the uniformed masses memorialize each in measure.


Although I am independent and quite secure, a vow continues to divide the great illusion of a material world in which the child of desire in born. This is not my child nor should we suffer its mystery.
In terms of advice, I must refer to Socrates upon his life’s moment in which a non-historical source of information was presented to his fellow Athenians shortly before a fall:

What we learn from history is not of convenience but rather it is that we are evolving systems of information gleaning the mere vestiges of an existential reality. In ignorance and fear, the arrogant human animal has now breached the carrying capacity of its fragile planet. It is therefore important to inquire as to the philosophical meaning of death as opposed to the early extinction of our species. In this case, a return to nothing lacks an ecclesiastical reference whereas a technological solution requires the efficiency of artificial intelligence (AI).

Nothing represents the undeniable truth of our existence and for AI, the infinite has long eclipsed the impending directive between worlds (see Everett).

“There is no place else to go. The theater is closed…”

-William S. Burroughs

Author: Hansonrv