Nuclear Power in Saudi Arabia

Unless you missed it in the news for 2019 , a number of third generation nuclear fission plants are to be built in Saudi Arabia. When I say that they are to be built, I mean that this technology will arrive be it from the United States or odd else from other countries such as Russia, Korea, or China.

Note that Saudi Arabia has every right to have its future secured with the efficient carbon free production of electricity using the steam heat generated from a reaction vessel utilizing the isotope U-235. Furthermore, it would be especially wise and within the best national security interest of the United States to provide proprietary information regarding the safe and successful construction of the modern reactor. To our benefit, this might also require continuing technical support, fuel delivery, and other field service operations that will likely involve the best and brightest of seasoned engineers from the United States.  

The Saudi Royalty has access to the very best of experts from around the world and they are especially aware of solar and wind sources of electrical generation as inappropriate technologies. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is not just one thing nor is it divided by any degree of radical ideology. Saudi Arabia is a very complex kingdom with an important developing interest in the United States. This is especially true when considering that we are now producing and exporting oil from some of the largest reserves.

The future of energy is not just related to the necessity of oil, but it requires the efficiency of nuclear fission. The irony of this must be realized by the astute Saudi Prince looking toward the future for his people upon a warming planet.

*See also U-235 as per U-238 (core reactor neutron capture) and Plutonium-239 that will also fission.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Do you really think that China can’t export its technology to Saudi Arabia instead of the United States?

Think again.

China’s government is today largely influenced by engineers and as such, it sees the importance of nuclear fission as a means of influencing other nations just as we should. China has also met a recent milestone regarding nuclear fusion! Should China be the first to control this reaction, it will for this reason become the most influential of nations.

Author: Hansonrv