2019 Prediction line 9 virus remote viewing data

Each year I attempt to remote view probable events as per a future spike. Sometimes I miss the spike and obtain something irrelevant or worse. There can be no doubt that within the early years of experimentation I have missed the mark entirely although with patience, perseverance, and persistence an over-all improvement through time is noted. In the case of today’s coronavirus outbreak (2020), we see that the data is entirely relevant with respect to what is likely from an animal. The novel virus was discovered in 2019 months following completion of my data.

9. A new virus strain? Many will be affected.

Unlike that of a novice viewer, my analytical overlay (AOL) is often the product of outflow that is rapid and extremely detailed. As such, listings often represent a summation that is not so easily managed. In the case of 218C10, the idea of MERS-CoV studied in a laboratory might have been worth exploring.

Importantly, some aspects of this work revealed ventilators, death, and human suffering.

Was the bat a representation or the source of a virus?

Representations like this are common in my work although I am beginning to suspect that the virus jumped species from an actual bat. There is also the possibility of a direct infection although improbable.


Author: Hansonrv