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Predictions 1-11 for 2020 line 1

1. The incumbent will secure his position as President of the United States of America (see viewing clip). When viewing our current President of the…

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Predictions 1-11 for 2019 and Beyond Line 5

5. A planned terrorist attack upon US soil. What is known using this first run pertains to a terrorist attack within the United States in…

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Hurricane Florence 2018

As it so often happens with Remote Viewing, early data searches concerning specific terms will often conflate outcomes within a reasonable frame of time. For…

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A Constitutional Check on Tyranny and an Ill-Informed Herd of Ideologically Compromised Youth

[amazon template=banner easy] As for the embarrassing 2018 march of children in opposition to the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, we find a…

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RV Front Loading NHI and Timing for 2016 Election

Venus and Projection by A.C.H. As of this writing, I am now in a position that is close enough to the horizon for which the…

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