President Trump and 2nd Amendment Voters

Just in time for the 2018 midterm elections, we find a great disappointment in our President that once campaigned in unabashed support of our 2nd Amendment.

To what am I referring?

Please read the following:

It can be said that no matter the crisis, political strategies for control regarding the malignant dullard masses require emotional manipulation rather than reason.

As a show of weakness rather than strength, President Trump fell for a liberal trap regarding gun control. The aim, as it should have been so easily imagined, did not involve solving any issue related to the recent school shooting in Florida but rather, it was designed to goad our President into a statement of betrayal regarding a most loyal section of his voter base. Now his political opponents have exactly what they want and worse; this incredible debacle has occurred just in time for the 2018 midterm elections.
Again, no crisis is ever wasted…

Politically, President Trump has just now alienated nearly 1/5th of his voter base with an absurd, ill informed, and misguided stance on gun control. Unless something significant like reciprocity is given in return for his betrayal, election losses for his party will occur.

Ill informed?

Yes, ill informed. It is a fact that bump stocks are a tactical joke and banning them will do nothing more than make the idiot crowd of brainless fear driven dolts feel better about their dysphoric false sense of security.

Beyond spoiling one’s goal of an uncompromising and supportive position regarding the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, there is now born the unwelcome question of integrity.

Author: Hansonrv